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Live and learn spanish in Chile, welcome to our Language School!

Santiago & Chile

Spanish Courses

We have a network of selected accommodation especially chosen to meet your needs and, best of all, at a good price!


We offer transfers from Santiago de Chile International Airport to your accommodation within Santiago for free when you register for one of our courses!


We give you practical tips and recommendations before your arrival to Chile and guide you during your stay here, so you can enjoy a great experience.


We guide you and help you to obtain permission to do an internship in Chile after participating in one of our courses, and after having achieved a basic command of the Spanish language.

Why Chile

Located in South America, Chile is a country of geographic diversity and extremes that make it unique. In Chile, the driest desert on the planet coexists with ancient ice caps, beaches, islands, fields and an extensive mountain range.
The political and economic stability combined with the hospitality and security that Chile offers make it the perfect place for total immersion for learning Spanish through socialization with its people, culture, nature, art and gastronomy. 

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